Recentering life, leadership, and community on Jesus’ two priorities–making disciples and loving one another, changes everything. But it’s messy. It changes how we view God, ourselves, and others. It changes how we establish vision, handle conflict, mentor leaders, build team and establish community.

But. It’s. Messy.

We help you experience the profound benefits of aligning with Jesus’ call to make disciples and love one another, by teaching you how to trust His simple plan. It’s just that simple, but the process, though glorious, is usually profoundly messy.

Did we forget to tell you this is messy?

To help you recenter according to Jesus’ priorities, RecenterdedGroup offers a variety of services, events, consulting, and partnerships. In our relational, hands-on processes, we believe you will discover Jesus’ love and guidance again–maybe for the first time in a long time. He is the source of every disciplemaking, loving one another community of grace and purpose.

If you have specific questions or needs not addressed in these menus, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The liberating truths and leadership insights of Trueface ministries are convincing Christians worldwide that when it comes to leadership Grace Changes Everything. Ed has received training from the Trueface three co-authors and they’ve certified him to teach and consult in these truths applying the original gospel to life and leadership.

The Ascent of A Leader Experience:

You can become a leader that people want to follow by opening yourself to the influences that develop character: enduring relationships with friends, family, and God. This compelling experience leads you through eight 90-minute sessions corresponding with the chapters of the book, The Ascent of the Leader, and the truths of Truefaced and the Cure.

Onsite Consulting:

Ed is equipped to offer consulting to selected leaders, teams, and churches following the pathways offered by the three co-authors to help them fulfill their mission to build and restore trust in leaders.


(When it Feels Like It’s Falling Apart…or, Maybe It Is!)

We know that the usual reasons offered for disunity among leaders are suspect, and so do the people you’re trying to convince. “Moving in a different direction,” a “difference in philosophy of ministry,” “he or she is transitioning to a new ministry,” or “moving in a different direction” is code for, “We can’t get along and we don’t know what else to do!”

We view this as our triage ministry to faith communities. We can show you a better way—to begin trusting God and one another with your vision, hurts, wounds, and unmet expectations. These onsite/offsite consults aren’t the sustaining solution (see our other Recentered Journeys), but they’re designed to at least give your church/team/community the opportunity to begin healing.

If your church or leadership team feels as if it’s on the verge of imploding, it probably is! We’d love to help in whatever way we can and have specific systems, consulting processes to avert the tragedy of a church split. Please contact us.

Shepherding the Shepherds

Years of experiencing the personal loneliness of church leadership convince us that often what a pastor or elder team/couple/individual needs most is love and encouragement from someone who has been there and has no agenda. We help leaders build and restore trust in God, themselves and one another to give them hope to live into their giftedness and legacy. We do this by helping leaders experience breakthrough encounters with God’s love, grace, and guidance by learning to trust God, us, and a few others with their lives and ministry.

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of our shepherding you or a shepherd you love, and/or would like to talk with those we’ve served in this way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Church-Wide Recentering

After years of speaking around the world, working with pastors, elders, leaders, missionaries, ministry teams, churches and faith organizations, we’re convinced that most Christians have been taught to mistrust grace and assume disciplemaking is for the “professionals”. More and more of those touched by our lives and truths have told us, “This isn’t just about leaders and leadership culture, this is about church culture and what truly sustains ministries.” It’s increasingly clear to us that the simple, foundational teachings of Jesus’ priorities apply to entire churches and ministries.

These experiences that range from Recentering sermons to Recentering seminars, weekends, and consulting over significant periods of time are designed to begin turning cultures from performance-based, sin-management, desperately seeking what is new and working in other places views of community and vision to trusting God enough to pursue Jesus’ priorities in life and ministry–making disciples and loving one another.

If your church has a deep desire for impact and dreams for eternal significance, but has struggled to stay on track, if your church has found itself arguing over the minors while overlooking the majors, if your church has found itself frustrated by tensions and a discouraging revolving door of leaders, if your church has made awesome plans that have been sidetracked by woundedness and mini holy wars, the RecenteredGroup team may just be your solution to moving beyond those relational and focusing challenges that have kept your church perplexed.

If you’d like to talk with one of us about the possibility of a church-wide Recentering journey at your church/ministry/organization, and/or would like to talk with those we’ve served, please contact us to arrange a time to discuss your unique needs.

Leadership as Discipleship in Community

This is our most comprehensive and intensive RecenteredGroup experience for leaders. A study of biblical principles for developing mentoring and coaching relationships in leadership teams and the value of these relationships in building high trust cultures. Students will learn how to develop leaders and build sustaining teams for their community through biblical processes. This is a graduate level course that can be tailored for local churches, leadership teams, or ministry teams. It’s an intense week with assignments and team-building experiences. It involves four 90- minute sessions/day,  onsite conversations, coaching, and question/answer sessions.

If you’d like to visit with us about the possibility of having us onsite for this course, and/or would like to talk with schools or churches where we’ve served by taking them through this experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us.