Who We Are

The longer you look into the face of Jesus, the more you will want to follow Him and serve Him in this broken world. That is, of course, if it’s the real face of Jesus you’re staring into. At RecenteredGroup we seek to live in relationship with those who fix their eyes on the merciful, grace-filled, loving face of the real Jesus. This invites us into trusting, deep, authentic, and redemptive relationship with Jesus and one another. We’re passionate about helping church leaders and faith communities heal by grace, through love, to realize their destiny in Christ Jesus.



In his career as a pastor, culminating with turning around the historic Church of the Openen Door, Ed merged his leadership experience as an Army Officer and fireman with his passion for authentic church to help leaders and communities heal from wounds and toxicity that cripple vision and impede sustaining success. He recognized that the problem was drifting from Jesus’ priorities of loving one another and making disciples (The Great Commandment and the Great Commission). The main barrier was that both leaders and their followers felt unsafe and didn’t have the tools to restore trust and move forward into their mutually dependent destiny in Christ Jesus.

One young leader sitting under Ed’s mentorship remarked, “He knows the practical stuff, has a thousand stories to tell, but insists upon viewing leadership as living out of who we are in Christ in webs of loving relationships.”

Ed has authored four books, numerous journal and website articles, and he travels extensively, preaching, teaching, and equipping leaders, leadership teams, mission organizations and chruches. Ed and Judy have three grown children and nine grandchildren.

Contact Ed at: ed@recenteredgroup.com